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B2B Marketing Group is a full service sales and marketing company.

B2B Marketing will work closely with you and your team to implement and monitor your campaign.

Appointments will be sent to you daily and we will be in touch regularly to ensure the quality of the appointments meet your needs.

We stay in contact throughout the whole process including weekly reports to give you valuable feedback from the telemarketers working on your campaign.

The Best Solution For Your Business


The best way to increase sales is to fill to fill your sales pipeline with Sales Opportunities.  Why not let us fill your sales pipeline and let your sales team do what they do best (close sales).

We can set up face- to -face appointments that are qualified.   We are able to use the questions that qualify an appointment for you to give you the information your sales team need to be prepared to sell to the face- to- face opportunity.  We have a proven method we use to interest new customers in your products/services to where they want to meet to explore purchasing from you.

It’s a win/win sales increase for your sales team and we win by having you continue your campaign with us to what often evolves from a one month campaign into a 10 month campaign based purely on success.


We successfully work large campaigns for seminar registrations.  Our level of success has been rewarding for both us and for our clients.  Based on our success seminars have signed to repeat for the next three years.  The skill set for Seminar Registrations is vastly different to that of Appointment Setting.  And whilst most appointment setters can also have success with seminar registrations some of the best appointment setters have little to no success at all.

Our experience allows us to place the callers we know will have the success needed to fill your event/seminars.

We not only book the registrations, we do the reminder calls, reminder SMS, no show calls for rescheduling or sales calls and daily reports.


Our survey customers have stayed with us for years.   We survey product usage, technical support and sales.

Sending an e-mail link to survey your service or sales is not the same as a friendly caring touch by phone.  Finding out weather customers are using your competitors products and why is  a great way to make adjustments and improve your sales.


Our customer service agents are able to help with sales enquiries, with service requirements, with escalations.  Many companies farm this work overseas and bring it back to Australia once they find international call centres are transactional.  They are unable to relate to anything that is not in the transaction box and they often without meaning to damage your brand.  Great customer service ensures customer loyalty and often leads to new sales through referrals to other companies or internal referrals.


Marketing to an out-dated data-base is like throwing your money down the drain.  Touching base with your customers with skilled callers will make existing customers’ feel they are valued and will help your marketing efforts reach the right people.  We are also able to update data and work a short survey for you at the same time.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.