About Us - B@B Marketing Group
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About Us

Increase your sales with our dedicated results-driven team, managed by
experienced professional leadership.

Barbara Blackwell, Managing Director


Barbara Blackwell is an Australian with many years of experience in Sales.  Barbara has held high level sales positions such as Director of Accounts for Ritz Carlton Naples Florida.  She was based in Washington DC and covering a Sales Territory of Washington DC, Delaware and Virginia. Barbara understands how important it is to provide results that match expectations.

B2B Marketing Group Pty Ltd  have been in the Outbound and Inbound Call Centre Business for six plus years.

Located in Ultimo -10 minutes from Sydney CBD.  All Staff are located in our office in Ultimo.   Staff are well trained and offer the standard of professionalism you would expect from your own staff.

Our capacity is 440 hours per week with room to ramp up to 640 hours per week.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.